Top 5 Halloween Toothbrushes to Give Out

It’s no secret that your pediatric dental patients love Halloween!

As a great alternative to sugary treats — and much less disappointing than plain, old toothbrushes — Halloween Toothbrushes engage kids in oral care by making brushing FUN. Personalize SmartPractice brand toothbrushes below for FREE to expose your name and increase referrals. You’ll get fast shipping on all of them for your upcoming events.  Plus, each toothbrush provides the excellent quality you’ve come to expect from SmartPractice.


5. Orange & Black Junior Halloween Toothbrush


This classic Halloween Toothbrush shows off your dental office name and phone number in large font for FREE. For mass event giveaways, visibility is key, so keep this brush in mind for community service and celebrations.


4. Oral-B® PRO-HEALTH JR.™ Toothbrush


oral-b toothbrushThe most popular Halloween costume this year for kids will most likely be Disney’s Frozen characters. Use this to your advantage by handing out toothbrushes that match their costumes. They might even encourage little ones to brush after they enjoy their treats.



3. ‘Happy Halloween’ Orange & Black Junior Toothbrush


Like the original Halloween Orange & Black Junior Toothbrush, this one includes both FREE personalization and unmistakable holiday spirit. The “Happy Halloween” message on the other side of the handle adds another touch of flair.



2. Glow-in-the-Dark Toothbrush with Travel Cap


With an adult and junior option and FREE personalization, your patients will love how these brushes light up a goodie bag or a bathroom sink at night.



1. Orange & Black Tiger Teen Toothbrush

The trendy tiger-striped design is ideal for ages 10-14. It’s the perfect combo of black and orange and includes a tongue scraper designed to fight off bacteria and bad breath. Thumb grip  eases brushing for comfort and control. Includes FREE personalization.


With the right combination of Halloween Toothbrushes, you add festive flair to Supply Bags and community events that kids will love. Brushing becomes more enjoyable with a fun toothbrush, promoting oral care and exposing your name all at the same time.  Added Bonus: Download your FREE Dental-themed Halloween printable to hand out at the office when you follow any of the links above.