Toothbrushes vs. Toothbrush Take Home Kits

Functional givea ways like Toothbrushes and Toothbrush Take Home Kits are key ways to gain exposure and patient loyalty for your practice. SmartPractice gives you the freedom to tailor your giveaways to the demographics you work with, efficiently and affordably. But which giveaway should you choose and when? Like most things in life, it depends on the situation:

  • Are you seeing a returning patient?
  • Do you have a new patient?
  • Are you attending an event where you can attract prospective patients?

Toothbrushes for Returning Patients

Toothbrushes allow you to give useful gifts freely and conserve your dental supply costs. Reward returning patients’ loyalty at each visit with a Toothbrush aligned for their specific age group. In addition to age group, be sure to consider factors like tooth sensitivity and even travel plans when selecting a toothbrush for each patient.

• Pediatric patients love the easy-to-use, fun design of the Sqwiggly Youth Toothbrush


• Older children (tweens) enjoy the colorful Tween Youth Toothbrush

• The Halloween-themed Tiger Teen Toothbrush makes a great seasonal giveaway
• The Dual Wave Adult Toothbrush is one of many great options for adults

Remember, effective care is personalized care. And speaking of personalization, SmartPractice can personalize your toothbrushes with your practice name and number for FREE – so you can spread practice awareness.

toothbrush kits


Toothbrush Kits for New and Prospective Patients

A distinctive gift that promotes both engagement and a spirit of caring is what you should aim for when attracting new patients. Toothbrush Kits do just that. You can choose from adult and child specific kits with a range of toothbrush options. Slip your business card in the front pocket of so prospective patients know where to find you. Unlike other Toothbrush Kits, SmartPractice kits come pre-assembled and you pay 38% less than buying contents separately. You can also personalize each toothbrush in your kits for just $1.19. Talk about saving time and money!

Giveaways help you foster the patient loyalty you deserve. Knowing which giveaways to leverage and when can save you time and money, while maximizing your impact. Which giveaway strategies have benefited your practice the most? Share in the comments!