How to Stop the DIY Braces Trend

botched_DIYThe prevalence of do-it-yourself tutorials on the internet has led to the dangerous trend of DIY braces. These DIY braces generally involve teenagers binding elastic bands around crooked or gapped teeth. Why? To save money on professional orthodontic treatment.

While professional braces require a significant financial commitment, people who risk the DIY route can suffer even more costly damage to their health. What can you do to stop your patients from sacrificing their oral health to DIY braces?

Leverage the Value of Professional Dental Care

No dental insurance? Unable to pay for braces up front? Patients who fit in these categories and could benefit from professional orthodontic treatment are more likely to seek harmful alternatives. Be sure to first leverage the value of professional dental care. Consider starting with what NOT taking advantage of this care can do. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, DIY braces can increase the risk of infection, damage teeth and gums — and even cause teeth to fall out. The financial consequences of these avoidable risks are dire. Far more dire than the cost of braces.

Make sure patients also understand that professional orthodontia is the only way to safely and effectively straighten teeth.

Set up Affordable Payment Plans

Consider setting up payment plans for patients concerned about the cost of braces. Or, refer them to an orthodontist who offers such plans. You can also cut down on overhead costs by paying less for orthodontic supplies and passing the savings on to your patients.

• Education is key, so consider adding an affordable and informative Orthodontics Brochure(Teens) and Bright Smiles Brochure: Orthodontics to your office and patient communications

• Save on supplies like Ortho Patient Relief Wax, Elastomeric Ligature Ties, and Retainer Retrievers
• SmartPractice guarantees a 5-15% lower price on Orthodontic Instruments compared to the “big guys.”

By informing patients of the value of professional dental care, offering payment plans for orthodontic treatment and reducing overhead costs, you help to protect their health – and wallets – for the long term. What are you doing to keep your patients informed about safe, effective dental care? Share in the comments!