SAVE on Dental Supplies in 2016

Get Your Dental Supplies for Less, Year Round

Dental Supplies


We’ve just started 2016, and chances are you’ve broken at least one of your New Year’s Resolutions.  If you’re like most people, saving money is one of your top resolutions. The good news is, saving money on Dental Supplies is a resolution you can easily keep with SmartPractice. You’ll save your precious time, too! Here’s how:

  1. SAVE 5 – 15% vs. the “Big Guys'” Prices Every Day

    It takes zero effort—saving money on Dental Supplies is automatic! As an authorized distributor of 3M, Dentsply, GC America and more,  you’ll save big on Dental Supplies vs. the “big guys,” without sacrificing quality.

  2. SPEND an additional 10% LESS each year

    Our FREE Goods Management service works like this: as you place your order, we’ll tell you about all promotions available. Whether reordering dental products, using a shopping list or browsing products site-wide. Best of all, we’ll send your qualifying paperwork to the vendor to ensure you get your free goods. Many customers tell us it saves them an additional 10% every year and that they receive their free goods faster.

  3. FAST Delivery

    No need to pay for extra fees to get a package fast. You can expect your Dental Supplies order to arrive within 1-3 business days. We ship your in-stock items from one of our multiple nationwide distribution centers the same day you order.  Rely on us to make managing your inventory easier.

  4. FREE Shipping and Candy on Orders of $500

    When your Dental Supplies or exam glove order totals $500 or more, you’ll get FREE ground shipping, every time. There’s no special promotion code needed. We’ll even throw in a sweet treat for the office to share.


Not all resolutions are hard to keep. We give you four effortless ways to save money throughout the year so you can invest it where it matters most: excellent patient care. Need help with proven, money and time saving solutions for Dental Supplies, practice marketing and more? Give us a call at 800.522.0800 and our friendly Customer Care Team  will be happy to help!