Get Fast Delivery for Your Dental Supplies

Speed dentistry is becoming an increasingly hot topic as patients demand quicker, quality care to accommodate our busy world. Getting fast delivery for your dental supplies helps make this happen. According to E.J Neiburger, DDS, being an efficient dentist means in part to “always be well stocked with an accurate and […]



Why 27% of Adults Lie about Flossing

  According to a major survey by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), more than a quarter of US adults are lying to their dentists about flossing. And that’s just the ones who admit it. This statistic has vital implications for the prevalence of gum disease in the nation. In […]

Does Your Office Send Dental Christmas Cards?

  The Holidays are the Season of Thanks. You may wonder whether saying “thank you” to patients and colleagues regularly — and in the right way — may take more time and money than you have. The good news is, it doesn’t have to. SmartPractice is proud to offer affordable, […]


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Are latex-free nitrile exam gloves cheaper at Walmart or Costco?

Since latex allergies became a concern in dentistry, practitioners have searched for an affordable alternative to match the ergonomic fit and feel of latex in their exam gloves. Resorting to thicker, stiffer glove materials caused dental professionals to complain of hand discomfort and fatigue. The solution? Blue nitrile, medical grade […]

Celebrate National Toothbrush Day, June 26.

Take advantage of National Toothbrush Day and support your community. Contact your local schools, non-profits, senior centers, religious institutions, and other community organizations to see what opportunities there are for you to donate your time, your expertise — and of course, your giveaway toothbrushes! When personalized with your practice name and contact details, […]

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Give the Gift of Better Hand Hygiene to Ortho Patients

Successful home care is crucial in maintaining the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment. However, patients may not realize the impact that clean hands have on the process. According to WebMD, “the most common way to catch an infectious disease is by touch.” Giveaway hand sanitizers make for quick, effective, and accessible on-the-go […]

Dental Supplies “Shades of Gray” Issue

Maintaining the integrity and quality of dental supplies is a priority that affects everyone in dentistry – from the manufacturers, right down to the patients. The Gray Market makes this priority harder to keep. With the rise of internet shopping, international trade, bargain hunting, and other factors, Gray Market merchants […]



A Career in Dentistry is the #1 Choice in 2015

Coupled with “above average work flexibility” and excellent compensation, the ability to care for patients’ overall health makes the career of a dentist the number one choice, according to U.S. News. The dental industry is booming. Dentists’ ever-improving knowledge, technology, and techniques are in-demand to prevent systemic disease. In an […]

Dentistry In The News: Fluoride

Fluoride Benefits vs Fluoride Controversy The issue of whether fluoridated water is necessary is one of the most hotly-debated topics among dental communities, parents of young children, health and wellness bloggers, and scientists – just to name a few. One simple internet search for “fluoride debate” results in countless links […]

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Help Save a Knocked Out Tooth with EMT Toothsaver

If you are volunteering at an athletic event this spring or will be around families with young, active kids, consider handing out bottles of EMT Toothsaver (Emergency Medical Treatment). Help protect a future knocked-out tooth from cell damage and at the same time create oral health awareness.