SAVE on Dental Supplies in 2016

Get Your Dental Supplies for Less, Year Round   We’ve just started 2016, and chances are you’ve broken at least one of your New Year’s Resolutions.  If you’re like most people, saving money is one of your top resolutions. The good news is, saving money on Dental Supplies is a resolution […]



Eco Friendly + Effective Dental Care = WooBamboo

Eco Friendly WooBamboo Toothbrushes: People, Planet, Profit If you want to create a successful dental practice, quality care alone just won’t cut it. You need to tap into what your patients value if you want to attract and keep them. For this reason, both dental practices and patients are jumping […]

Stock up Now and SAVE on Dental Office Filing Supplies

SAVE 10% Before January Part of transitioning smoothly into the New Year is staying organized! And ordering the Dental Office Filing Supplies you need BEFORE January can help. We’re giving you a 10% discount on a range of Dental Office Filing Supplies, including Labels (specific Year/Month Labels also), Filing Supplies, […]


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OSHA Hazard Communication Compliance Made Easy

OSHA’s hazard communication standards evolve regularly. So should your understanding of what it takes to be compliant. To make it easy for you, here are some key rules you and your staff need to implement. Provide up-to-date, accessible SDS (MSDS) for each product containing hazardous chemicals that you and your […]

‘Tis the Season to SAVE on Dental Autoclaves

Leverage Your Tax Breaks before 12/31/15 Not only does your office deserve the best Dental Autoclaves. But you also deserve the tax breaks that come with buying yours at just the right time. According to, “…if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL […]



Top 5 Halloween Toothbrushes to Give Out

It’s no secret that your pediatric dental patients love Halloween! As a great alternative to sugary treats — and much less disappointing than plain, old toothbrushes — Halloween Toothbrushes engage kids in oral care by making brushing FUN. Personalize SmartPractice brand toothbrushes below for FREE to expose your name and increase referrals. […]

Dental Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing Made Easy

Align your practice with dental Pink Ribbon cause marketing this October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so knowing the impact of breast cancer awareness from a health and marketing perspective can help your practice promote the cause — and your office. Want help making this happen? Follow these easy […]



How to Stop the DIY Braces Trend

The prevalence of do-it-yourself tutorials on the internet has led to the dangerous trend of DIY braces. These DIY braces generally involve teenagers binding elastic bands around crooked or gapped teeth. Why? To save money on professional orthodontic treatment. While professional braces require a significant financial commitment, people who risk […]

Toothbrushes vs. Toothbrush Take Home Kits

Functional givea ways like Toothbrushes and Toothbrush Take Home Kits are key ways to gain exposure and patient loyalty for your practice. SmartPractice gives you the freedom to tailor your giveaways to the demographics you work with, efficiently and affordably. But which giveaway should you choose and when? Like most […]

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Dental Gloves, Self-Care, and Hand Pain Prevention 1

As a dental professional, you may experience hand pain from repetitive motions. These motions include pinching and grasping dental instruments, using ill-fitting gloves, playing musical instruments and sports, and other leisure activities. You may also feel pressure, hand fatigue, and discomfort in the thumb and fingers. These symptoms can be signs of […]