Give the Gift of Better Hand Hygiene to Ortho Patients

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Hand sanitizers help orthodontic patients to have a clean and safe home care routine.

Successful home care is crucial in maintaining the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment. However, patients may not realize the impact that clean hands have on the process. According to WebMD, “the most common way to catch an infectious disease is by touch.” Giveaway hand sanitizers make for quick, effective, and accessible on-the-go disease control for your patients. You can even go a step further and make personalized hand sanitizers as indispensable to your take-home orthodontic kits as dental supplies like toothbrushes.

Can hand sanitizers really make that much difference for orthodontic patients?

Consider how much hand-to-mouth contact a patient will have throughout their orthodontic treatment. They clean their teeth not only morning and night, but between meals and snacks. They may also need to remove and replace aligners and retainers for months and even years. And as their busy lives make regular soap-and-water cleanings difficult, patients need an alternative to make sure only thoroughly clean hands make contact with their mouths and orthodontia.

Research confirms that hand sanitizers make an effective stand-in for soap-and water cleanings. In fact, according to James Scott, a microbiologist at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health: “[A sanitizer] cleans your hands much better than soap and water, so it reduces the bacterial burden to a much greater extent than soap and water. And your hands tend to stay cleaner longer than if you were to use soap and water.” This statement is accurate when significant grease and grime isn’t present.

A convenient, pleasant cleaning experience promotes better hygiene.

Sani Mist Pocket Spray for hand hygiene.

Portable, customizable hand sanitizer sprays with moisturizers and assorted scents make hand hygiene convenient — and fun.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are cropping up as cost-effective and space-saving ways to promote hygiene and disease control in public places. Patients can now reap the benefits of portable hand sanitizers with packaging, scents, and moisturizing options that make cleaning not only fast– but pleasant, too. The more rewarding the cleaning experience, the more likely your patients are to maintain good hand hygiene.

Provide these sanitizers with your other take-home dental supplies in a gel, spray, or both. Don’t forget – SmartPractice patient giveaways like the Sani-Mist Pocket Spray and the Travel Sized Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer can be customized to reflect your dental practice brand. By using hand cleaners like these, you’ll encourage life-saving cleanliness AND keep your name-top-of-mind.

Equip your patients for success with the right orthodontic patient giveaways

Brand-labeled hand sanitizer gels

Portable hand sanitizer gels make hand cleaning quick and easy.


Good hand hygiene may be common sense, but patients won’t always make it a priority without your help. Be sure to keep them educated on how clean hands lead to healthy, safe orthodontic care routines.

When it comes to keeping diseases at bay, hand sanitizers are a convenient, effective option that make a valuable part of at-home and on-the-go hygiene.

SmartPractice wants to make it easy and affordable for you to maintain successful orthodontic patient care.

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