Introducing Mr. Thirsty One-Step: Saving You Time, Costs and Labor

Mr. Thirsty One-Step is a hands-free isolation device that evacuates and retracts the tongue and cheek, giving the practitioner an unobstructed view of the quadrant being worked on. Compiled from data gathered in a time and motion study involving four doctors and 40 procedures, evidence suggests that this device saves significant time. What’s more, it connects directly to the HVE Valve, making it portable to any operatory. 100% disposable, there’s no maintenance needed. It comes pre-assembled and is available in two sizes and is color coded for convenience. Eliminating any post-procedure processing, it saves not only time, but also labor and costs.

Now, you can see the compelling benefits of Mr. Thirsty distilled in a handy infographic. Get an at-a-glance look at key findings below.

Mr Thirsty

Mr. Thirsty Infographic

Mr. Thirsty Saves Up to a 35% Savings in Procedure Time

According to the study, dental professionals and patients enjoyed between a 16-35% decrease in procedure time

249 Minutes Saved During 10 Quadrant Procedures

Doctors, assistants and patients deceased the amount of time spent in a procedure, increasing productivity and patient comfort.

Patients Enjoyed a 29% Shorter Chair Time

Most patients would agree that the shorter the visit, the better.


Bring an inexpensive and efficient product like Mr. thirsty one-step into your dental practice and you could start benefiting instantly. Have you used this device? Share your experience in the comments and download the infographic on the Mr. Thirsty One-Step time and motion study here (insert link).