What Makes Polychloroprene Exam Gloves So Unique?

Polychloroprene Exam Gloves  are an excellent choice for your entire dental team – if you’re tired of nitrile gloves that have a strong odor that lingers on your hands, or vinyl gloves that feel stiff and uncomfortable, then you should try this unique non latex glove.  Polychloroprene Exam Gloves are widely used in surgical settings since they provide excellent barrier protection plus the comfort, fit, stretch and feel of latex, with the added benefit of being an excellent choice for those allergic to natural rubber latex proteins. The material is very soft and stretchy making it very comfortable to wear for dental procedures.

Polychloroprene Gloves offer a thinner feel increases tactile sensitivity.

When it comes to dental procedures, tactile sensitivity is essential, and you need a perfect fit. Ill-fitting gloves can hinder your ability to handle delicate dental supplies and may even get caught on rotary equipment. The thinner film thickness of Polychloroprene Exam Gloves makes it feel like you’re not wearing exam gloves.  Whether you’re examining margins or removing subgingival calculous, the Polychloroprene Exam Gloves provides enhanced tactile sensitivity and the protection and durability you need.

Polychloroprene Exam Gloves are not made with latex.

Polychloroprene Exam Gloves contain no natural rubber proteins, which may cause allergic reaction in sensitized staff members or patients. So you now have a great fitting comfortable exam glove most latex wearers prefer as well as an excellent option for those who have a Latex sensitivity.

Polymer Coating, Textured Grip and Ambidextrous Gloves

The polymer coating and superior elasticity result in gloves that are easy to don. There’s no sticking, tugging or tearing when donning the glove. They glide on easily.  Since the exam gloves are powder free there is no residual powder to dry hands. Your hands will appreciate the difference this unique exam glove provides.

You’re dental practice is all about efficiency, whether it’s related to streamlining front office procedures, examining patients or budgeting your dental supplies. . .You need to be able to enter the exam room and immediately pull out of a pair of gloves and put them on without giving it much thought. Ambidextrous gloves make the process easier, allowing you to devote your full attention to what’s most important – your patients.

Find the Right Polychloroprene Exam Gloves for your dental office:


Le Soothe Polychlorprene Exam GlovesLe Soothe® Polychloroprene Powder Free Exam Gloves – Moisture-balancing features of Aloe Vera, and the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E in the emulsion leave your hands looking and feeling even better. Professional, natural white color.


Pink Ribbon Gloves of Hope® Polychloroprene Powder Free Exam GlovesPink Ribbon Polychloroprene Exam Gloves

SmartPractice donates a portion of proceeds to fund cancer research and outreach programs. Using Pink Ribbon products shows patients you care about their health, unites your team and strengthens your focus on being an active part of your community. Together we can help find a cure. Soft, pink color.

Polychloroprene  Exam Gloves

Reflection® Polychloroprene Powder Free Exam Gloves – The original office favorite. Unique green color helps quickly identify the product as latex-free.



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