Kid Toothbrushes for Children’s Dental Health Month

Make an impact in your community starting with Pediatric Oral Health products.

Plan a community event to raise awareness during Children’s Dental Health Month in February and watch your dental practice production grow. Schedule time at a local library, school, day care, Boys & Girls Club, or faith-based center and advertise FREE kid toothbrushes personalized with your dental practice contact information for all who attend. Leave a stack of invites to the event at the selected location using a kid-friendly Postcards designed with oral health games and activities to get kids excited about attending. At the event, discuss the role of Dental Supplies you use such as Fluoride and Dental Sealants in preventing cavities, fighting tooth decay and reducing oral health expenses. Include personalized Pediatric Dentistry Brochures, Magnets, Pens and Floss in their take-home Supply Bags.


Stress the importance of dental health today and improve oral habits for life
Recent studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted the first increase in 40 years of the number of preschoolers with cavities. Often these children need surgery under general anesthesia to remedy their oral health issues. Don’t let your patients become a part of these statistics! When you give kids and parents the education and dental supplies they need, the more likely they are to care for their teeth and practice good oral hygiene for life.

While brightly-colored kid toothbrushes are fun and capture kids’ attention, more importantly, they’re designed for thorough cleaning. Watch young patients eyes light up when you give them one of these cool brushes and you’re able to tell them, “No cavities!” on their next visit.

Many kids learn best with hands-on or visual instruction so try giving a teeth-brushing and flossing presentation using colorful Demo Puppets with a typodont. It’s the perfect way to show proper techniques for dental care while still making it fun and engaging. Don’t forget to give each child a personalized kid toothbrush and other Pediatric Giveaways so they can practice what they’ve learned at home.

Dental Demo Puppet

Toothbrushes for All Stages
SmartPractice has a large selection of kid toothbrushes designed to fit kids’ mouths at every stage of development. SmartPractice Dental Supplies also carries popular brands like Oral-B, Crest, Sunstar Butler and Dr.Fresh to help you build patient relationships and improve oral health at every stage of their life. Age-appropriate toothbrushes encourage proper preventive care, while cool designs and bold colors make kids want to brush. Kids think they’re fun; parents appreciate knowing it’s the right brush at the right age.

Infant ToothbrushesInfant Toothbrushes
It’s never too early to fight decay. Tooth decay continues to be the number one chronic disease in children. Help new parents understand the need for early dental care by telling them, “First tooth equals first visit”, and give them the tools and knowledge they need to teach kids to love brushing their teeth right from the start. Hand out infant toothbrushes that is made to fit their unique needs. Another fun way to get compliance: ask them to capture the moment their little ones attempt to brush on their own – parents love sharing photos!


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