Give Back with a Halloween Candy Buy Back Program

Festive Halloween Recall PostcardCrisp, autumn leaves, sweaters and boots, candy corn and costumes … the season is officially upon us. It’s fall and that means every kid’s favorite holiday is just a few weeks away. What a great time to stock up on Halloween Dental Supplies and Giveaways. Kids are gearing up for trick-or-treating while mom and dad are planning their strategies to stash away the excess candy before their kids can eat it all. And who can blame parents for wanting to create a diversion? Did you know the average amount of candy collected on Halloween night is roughly 100-200 pieces per child? It’s practically enough to feed the troops!

Speaking of feeding the troops,  you can do something good for the kids in your community and for our troops overseas by hosting a Halloween Candy Buy Back Program. What better way to get all those sugary treats out of the mouths of babes while boosting the morale of our servicemen and women?

Halloween Candy Buy Back Basics

Soldier Receiving Candy from Operation Gratitude Candy Buy Back ProgramSchedule your Halloween Candy Buy Back event the day or weekend after Halloween. To soften the blow of giving up their hard-earned candy, offer kids cold, hard cash for it. $1 for every pound of unopened candy they hand over is a great incentive for kids to donate. In turn, you’ll donate the goodies to Operation Gratitude, who will then send it in care packages for our servicemen and women to enjoy.

You can make this event as big or as small as you’d like. For large events, invite a local radio station to air live from your location or rent a bounce house to get more foot-traffic. We realize how difficult it is for kids to part with their hard-earned candy so get them excited to attend by serving healthy snacks and setting up fun games such as a bean bag toss and a hoola-hoop contest. Give away fun prizes like Stickers, Lip Balm, ToothbrushesHalloween Toothbrush (personalized with your practice information, of course!), Xylitol-sweetened candy, movie tickets or gift cards for local businesses. How about giving away coupons with a dollar off amount good for teeth whitening or a cleaning and exam?

Give Thanks Along with Sweet Treats

Halloween Candy Buy Back isn’t just for the kids. Get the grown-ups involved by inviting them to write notes of encouragement and thanks to servicemembers or donating their leftover candy as well. Offer tours of your office and exam rooms to put patients at ease for their next visit. This is a great opportunity go get to know your neighbors, educate your community, and grow your practice at the same time. Just think of all the people you’ll reach!

Halloween Recall Cards and Dental Supply Bags

Trick or Treat ToothIt’s also the perfect time to encourage patients to schedule a checkup before the season of sweets is in full swing. You understand how important it is for patients to keep up with their dental appointments and sometimes we all need a little nudge to get us moving in the right direction. SmartPractice carries unique Halloween and fall-themed Recall Cards that are sure to get parents and kids excited about coming in for a visit. Designs featuring witches, ghosts, and goblins – all with big, friendly smiles – really invoke the fun spirit of Halloween.

Once you’ve seen your patients, be sure they leave the office with a Halloween Night Dental Supply BagHalloween Dental Supply Bag full of Giveaways that doubles as a trick-or-treat bag! Bags like these are perfect for collecting ghoulish goodies and for gaining exposure because they feature eye-catching designs and your practice information printed right on the front.

When you implement ideas like these everyone will remember how, this year, your dental office served up all treats – no tricks! Have you ever hosted, or are you planning to host a Halloween Candy Buy Back program? Do you have any other special events lined up this holiday season? We’d love to hear your plans and tips for hosting successful community events with a dental spin!