How to get the most savings from dental manufacturer free goods.

It’s estimated that if a dental office takes advantage of manufacturer free good promotions, that the office could save an extra 10% a year on dental supplies. Not a bad deal!

Have you experienced the steps needed to process your free goods? For many, it is not an easy task. We have good news – it can be easier!

Here are 5 ways to try to get the most savings (both financial and time savings) from dental manufacturer free good promotions:

  1. Find a dental supplier that will process your free goods for you – this way you save time and the free goods arrive faster
  2. Review your use of the product, if you plan to reorder each month – take advantage of free good promotions
  3. Find out which manufacturer free goods ship with the order vs. need to be shipped by the manufacturer so you don’t need to wait
  4. Call your dental supplier and ask for a comprehensive list of manufacturer free goods based on what you’ve ordered in the past to see which products are on promotion – ask if this report can be emailed or fax to you
  5. Find our if your dental supplier’s website alerts you of all manufacturer free good promotions as well as processes your selection online

If your dental supplier is able to process your free goods paperwork you will find that it’s also completed on-time (there is deadline) and you also no longer need to keep track of all the different fax numbers to send the invoices too. Did I mention how much time you will save?

SmartPractice focuses on time-saving systems to make it easier for you to reorder faster and get what you need easily. We introduced the Free Goods Management Service that system wide (phone or online) tells you about any qualifying purchases and then we process your paperwork to ensure you get free goods fast.

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