Dental in the News: Fluoridated Water and Fluoride Varnish

Better Dental Health for 70 years

FluorideBetter dental health doesn’t just depend on dentistry. To prove it, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that community water fluoridation is one of the “ten great achievements of the 20th century.”  This triumph in public health has contributed to the fact that “each generation born over the past 70 years has enjoyed better dental health than the one before it,” states Surgeon General, Dr. Murthy.  In his recent statement on Community Water Fluoridation, Dr. Murthy emphasizes that it’s one of the safest, most accessible and least expensive ways to improve oral health.

Community Water Fluoridation Matters

But is community water fluoridation really that impactful, considering the prevalence of fluoride sources like toothpaste? In short, yes! The American Dental Association claims that community water fluoridation prevents tooth decay in children and adults by at least 25 percent.  “Ensuring health equity for all” through measures like this is at the heart of what makes a culture healthy and happy, according to Dr. Murthy.

Fluoride Varnish for More Decay Prevention

In an article by Dentistry IQ, Karen Kaiser, RDH, states: ” Research has shown how varnish may be an inhibitor for decay and, when applied to areas of demineralization, aid in remineralizing incipient caries. ” Fluoride varnish is recommended for patients with a large number of caries, as well as for orthodontic patients whose brackets are prone to plaque buildup.

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How will you play your part in making sure your patients get the maximum benefits of fluoride? Let us know in the comments!