Get Fast Delivery for Your Dental Supplies

Speed dentistry is becoming an increasingly hot topic as patients demand quicker, quality care to accommodate our busy world. Getting fast delivery for your dental supplies helps make this happen. According to E.J Neiburger, DDS, being an efficient dentist means in part to “always be well stocked with an accurate and dependable supply of disposables, instruments and other dental materials.” With SmartPractice, you can ensure you have what your practice needs with fast delivery on all in-stock dental supplies.

Dental Supplies

SmartPractice delivers your dental supplies in 1-3 days.

Get Fast Delivery in 1-3 Days

We know no one likes to wait. That’s why we ship your in-stock items from one of our multiple nationwide distribution centers the same day you order. We’re here to help make managing your inventory easier. You can expect your order to arrive within 1-3 business days.

Get Your Dental Supplies Fast Nationwide

Delivery times depend on your zip code. Take Southern California, for example. Los Angeles and surrounding areas are dense with dentists who need supplies quickly, so we work with UPS to label and deliver supplies next-day in this area. We also ensure next-day delivery for Arizona, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Indiana. And what about the rest of the country? Most offices receive deliveries within two days. Please be aware that special order and back order items can take longer. Your SmartPractice rep will let you know when this will be the case. Still, we make every effort to keep popular items like infection control products and anesthetic in-stock.

Save Time and Money

You’ve heard that time is money. Let us save you both. You deserve to keep your practice as efficient as possible, and we’re here to help. What are some ways you keep the dental supplies you need in-stock, hassle-free? Let us know in the comments?