Dental Supplies “Shades of Gray” Issue

Dental SuppliesMaintaining the integrity and quality of dental supplies is a priority that affects everyone in dentistry – from the manufacturers, right down to the patients. The Gray Market makes this priority harder to keep. With the rise of internet shopping, international trade, bargain hunting, and other factors, Gray Market merchants are selling legal products in illegal ways. And who’s liable? The dental professionals who buy and use those products.

In February, leaders in United States dentistry convened at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting to discuss how dental professionals can rest assured that they’re safely and ethically purchasing dental supplies.

First, these leaders urge dental professionals to learn the risks of buying from the Gray Market.


Shades of Gray dental supplies aren’t created equal.

Products sold on the gray market aren’t traceable. The consumer can’t tell where they came from, who handled them, and under what conditions. This “gray area” in the dental supply chain means that dental supplies can be, and often are, compromised. Dental professionals buying Gray Market products are left in the dark as to if, when and where these compromises occur – until it’s too late.


Don’t fall prey to Gray. Buy from an authorized distributor.

By purchasing through an authorized distributor like SmartPractice, you can be sure that your dental supplies are of the highest quality the distributor intended, and that SmartPractice follows all the rules regarding proper storage, handling and shipping.

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Is everyone on your staff trained to be on the lookout for gray market dental products? What do you do if you receive them in an order? Tell us how you handle it in the comments.