Dental Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing Made Easy


Align your practice with dental Pink Ribbon cause marketing this October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so knowing the impact of breast cancer awareness from a health and marketing perspective can help your practice promote the cause — and your office. Want help making this happen? Follow these easy tips and download the FREE Awareness Ideas Center through the form at the end of this blog.

How to Leverage Dental Pink Ribbon Products

Since 2004, our wide selection of SmartPractice Pink Ribbon products have generated over $290,000 in donations to Breast Cancer awareness and research programs, including: American Cancer Society, Guardians of the Ribbon, Honor Health, TGen, Cancer Support Community and Susan G. Komen.


  • “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” The classic movie, “Mean Girls,” generated this famous phrase that you can use as a marketing mantra. Why not designate Wednesday (or any other busy day, for that matter) for Breast Cancer Awareness each week in October and wear pink? Encourage the men in the office to also wear pink. The NFL does it!
  • Transform your treatment rooms into pink zones with Pink Ribbon dental supplies. Pink Ribbon Gloves of Hope Polychloroprene Exam Gloves fit and feel like a latex glove with no natural rubber latex 431043proteins. It’s made from polychloroprene for zero concerns about latex sensitivity. Also include Prophy Angles, Crosstex’s Pink with a Purpose Sterilization Pouches or Pink With A Purpose – Econoback Towels.
  • Mix up your toothbrush giveaway during October and hand out Pink Ribbon Toothbrushes. They all include your name and information for effortless dental practice marketing.
  • Keeping Pink Ribbon SPF 15 Lip Balm arm’s reach for your patients maximizes your exposure; most people have at least one lip balm on them at all times. Plus, this pink favorite can lessen the sting of saying “aaaaaahhh” with less-than-supple lips.

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Attract Millennials with Cause Marketing

If you want millennials as your patients and staff, cause marketing is a great strategy. According to Social Times: “Millennials are prepared to reward socially responsible companies; they are more likely to trust these companies, seek their employment and buy or recommend their products to others.” Authenticity is key. Meaning, show your support of Breast Cancer Awareness by going to cause promoting events. Be sure to document your involvement on social media and in your office.

Download the Awareness Ideas Center

Want to build your team, increase your community involvement and showcase your office as a culture of service? Fill out the form to receive your FREE Awareness Ideas Center.

October is the month to put Dental Pink Ribbon Products and cause marketing to work for your practice. By following the tips above, you’ll be prepared to see how spreading breast cancer awareness is a truly rewarding way to give back while growing your practice. How are you promoting causes you believe in at your office? Share in the comments!