Dental Gloves, Self-Care, and Hand Pain Prevention 1

As a dental professional, you may experience hand pain from repetitive motions. These motions include pinching and grasping dental instruments, using ill-fitting gloves, playing musical instruments and sports, and other leisure activities. You may also feel pressure, hand fatigue, and discomfort in the thumb and fingers. These symptoms can be signs of compression neuropathies like carpal tunnel. Compression neuropathies involve direct, sustained nerve pressure that can lead to tissue damage, according to the Neuropathy Association.

Eventually, these nerve conditions can stop your hands from working the way they should. So what can you do to relieve and prevent these symptoms?


Effective self-care helps you keep your hands healthier and freer of pain , pressure, and discomfort.

Choose the Right Dental Gloves

Dr. Curt Hamann, CEO and Medical Director of SmartPractice, is invested in providing you solutions that make you a healthier practitioner. He recognized a need for a more comfortable dental glove that would fit like a surgeon’s glove and provide a left/right hand specific fit. Now, fitted gloves conform to the natural shape of the hand like surgeon’s gloves—at the low cost of exam gloves.

What other glove features should you look out for when choosing a glove? Textured grip, thin film thickness, and high elasticity. In fact, the following glove options meet all these criteria.QualiTouch Blue Nitrile Left/Right Fitted Dental Gloves

Your hands are among your most vital tools. By maintaining excellent self-care and selecting the right dental glove, you can help relieve and prevent hand discomfort—before it stops you from doing what you love. What do you do to keep hand issues at bay in your practice? Share in the comments!



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