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The gloves got a 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5 from the Dental Advisor clinical evaluation. QualiTouch Left/Right Fitted Dental Gloves were evaluated by 23 consultants in 2000 uses.  Read More Here >

Gloves Clinical Evaluation from the Dental Advisor

Gloves Clinical Evaluation from the Dental Advisor. Read More Here >













QualiTouch Nitrile Left/Right Fitted Dental Gloves

Why use fitted gloves?

As a dental professional, you may experience hand pain from repetitive motions. These motions include pinching and grasping dental instruments, using ill-fitting gloves and other leisure activities. You may also feel pressure, hand fatigue, and discomfort in the thumb and fingers.

Fitted gloves are ideal when performing repetitive motion procedures since they are designed to hold your hands in a comfortable relaxed position that relieves the pulling sensation on the thumb commonly associated with ambidextrous gloves. QualiTouch Left/Right Fitted dental gloves are manufactured on surgical style formers with curved finger designed to improve comfort and provide a custom fit.

Give your hands a break and experience the comfort of a surgical fit glove. You won’t believe it’s not made with natural rubber latex and you’ll love the way your hands feel at the end of the day. Learn more here >

Your hands are among your most vital tools. By maintaining excellent self-care and selecting the right dental glove, you can help relieve and prevent hand discomfort—before it stops you from doing what you love. What do you do to keep hand issues at bay in your practice? Share in the comments!