10 Easy Ways for the Best Children’s Dental Health Month Yet!

During the month of February, do your part to support Children’s Dental Health Month. Set kids up for a lifetime of excellent dental health by making your practice THE place for exceptional, worry-free pediatric dentistry. Ease dental anxiety and turn your office into a kid-friendly zone in these 10 easy ways!


10. Smells Like Fun

Use vanilla-scented exam gloves to add a fun touch of comfort to checkups and procedures. Kids love scented products such as stickers and erasers.  So, why not ditch the clinical smell of conventional gloves for something more appealing to little noses?


9. Designate a Special Space Just for Kids During Children’s Dental Health Month

Comfy, kid-sized seating is paramount, whether it’s bean bags, toddler chairs and tables, or small ottomans. Kids are immediately at ease when everything around them is their size. Add in fun, dental-themed furniture and just like that, you’ve captured their attention.


8. First Tooth Equals First Visit

It’s never too early to fight decay. Help new parents understand the need for early dental care by telling them, “first tooth equals first visit.” Give them the tools and knowledge they need to teach kids to love brushing their teeth right from the start. Hand out infant toothbrushes that are made to fit their unique needs. Another fun way to get compliance: ask them to capture the moment their little ones attempt to brush on their own—parents love sharing photos! Your social media pages will benefit from the health-promoting cuteness long after February’s over.


7. Let Me Pick!

Buy an assortment pack of prophy paste and let kids feel like they’re in control by allowing them to choose their favorite flavors, like berry, bubble gum and mint. Who would’ve thought dental hygiene could be this tasty?


6. Keep them Busy

Puzzles, small games and dental-related coloring books or activity books also make a great addition to your reception area. Hands-on projects can be both educational and calming, keeping kids occupied while they wait.



5. Get into character with new Zooby Pediatric Bibs!

Each bib features the body of an animal and acts as a costume that your pediatric patients will love! Zooby’s got you covered with this non-permeable, pediatric-size (13.5″ x 9″) bib featuring our fun characters: Chase the Cheetah, Zoe the Zebra, Penelope the Penguin, Talon the Tiger and Francesca the Flamingo!



4.  End-of-Visit Gift Time

Once your patient is done with his or her appointment, be sure to reward her for being a trooper. Here are some top new hot giveaways like Toothbrush Pencil, Tooth Fairy Pillow or for teens a Selfie Stick.


3. For a Soft Touch

Stuffed animals are security blankets and best friends all rolled into one. Let your littlest patients hang onto them during treatment so they won’t feel alone or scared. Not only are plush toys comforting, but they make great educational tools, too.


2. Show and Tell

Bring effective dental care to life! Lovable, imagination-stirring demo puppets with full sets of floss-able teeth let you can show little ones proper brushing and flossing techniques. You’ll also give parents some great teaching ideas to use at home.


1. Sharing is Caring

For Children’s Dental Health Month, schedule time at a local library, school, day care, Boys & Girls Club, or faith-based center and advertise FREE kid toothbrushes personalized with your dental practice contact information for all who attend. At the event, discuss the role of dental supplies you use such as Fluoride and Dental Sealants in preventing cavities, fighting tooth decay and reducing oral health expenses.

Even if you implement just a few of these 10 tips during Children’s Dental Health Month, you’ll set the stage for optimal pediatric dental care year round. Do you have a trick for making kids’ dental appointments easier? Share your tip in the comments.

Children's Dental Health Month