Celebrate National Toothbrush Day, June 26.

service-minded dentists

Dentists serve their community on National Toothbrush Day.

Take advantage of National Toothbrush Day and support your community.

Contact your local schools, non-profits, senior centers, religious institutions, and other community organizations to see what opportunities there are for you to donate your time, your expertise — and of course, your giveaway toothbrushes! When personalized with your practice name and contact details, these giveaways will keep you top-of-mind for new and existing patients.

Create a sound social media campaign.

  • Give a next-visit discount to patients who write testimonials for you on social media, using a hashtag like #brushup626, #90daysnewbrush, or #trustthebrush.
  • Post pictures of you with people in your community posing with your personalized toothbrushes. These people can include existing patients, community leaders, and others from your target demographic. Be sure to include captions describing the associated event and organization(s), as well as any contributions you made. This will reflect your investment in your community — always a plus for your reputation. Of course, you’ll need permission to share images of people outside your practice.

Get your giveaway toothbrushes from SmartPractice.

giveaway toothbrushes

Assorted giveaway toothbrushes from SmartPractice

When it comes to choosing the right giveaway toothbrushes, SmartPractice has styles to suit both adults and children.  Each brush is sourced for effectiveness: cleaning, economy, patient awareness, name recognition and PRICE! All of our toothbrushes are personalized and come in assorted colors. If that weren’t enough — most ship within just 48 hours.

Put the toothbrush to work for your practice!

Consider booking annual community events on this date and make sure you have a strong social media campaign to feature the people, the organizations, and the goodwill which support your practice. And with dental supplies like our giveaway toothbrushes, paying it forward pays.

How will you be celebrating National Toothbrush Day this year? What has your experience with giveaway toothbrushes been when it comes to ROI and patient production? Let us know in the comments!