Bulk Fill Composite Dental Supplies

When it comes to restorative practices, direct restorations are one of the most commonly used materials today. Composite resins are quickly gaining the lead with both patients and dentists as the preference over dental amalgams, which, for many years, were the common standard of care for posterior fillings. For dentists who aren’t used to the specific placement and handling requirements, Class I and II can create some challenges.

SonicFill Composite Refill

SonicFill Composite Refill

Although there have been many advances to composite resins in terms of shrinkage, strength, durability, polishability and esthetics after years of development, many dentists still find the technique sensitivity more painstaking than placing a traditional amalgam. It’s common in a busy practice to find multiple patients each day who require a number of posterior restorations to be done in one appointment. Because bulk fill composite resins were developed to reduce the number of increments required to complete a restoration, the dentist is able to do so in a simple and timely fashion, and can trust that the materials will react the same every time. This is beneficial to the practice and, maybe more importantly, to the patient who certainly doesn’t want to sit in the chair for any longer than necessary.

When ordering Dental Supplies, specifically bulk fill composites, dentists should look for these particular key properties:

1. They should have reduced polymerization shrinkage to minimize the chance of failure due to microleakage

2. They should have a reasonable depth of cure for the ability to be placed in larger increments for convenience.

3. They should be flowable enough to reach all areas of the preparation without creating voids.

4. They should have excellent physical properties to allow confidence in terms of wear and function.

Just some of the bulk fill composite resins carried by SmartPractice Dental Supplies are:

SonicFill™ Bulk Fill Composite

SonicFill™ Bulk Fill Composite by Kerr Corporation

SonicFill is the first sonically-activated bulk fill composite and delivery system. This enables the user to achieve outstanding adaptation during placement with little effort.  The handpiece applies a specific amplitude and frequency of sonic energy to the material, causing the viscosity to drop upon activation. This enables the user to achieve outstanding adaptation during placement with little effort.  Once placed, the material reverts to a normal restorative viscosity that is easily sculptable without being sticky. Between the adaptation and high depth of cure, SonicFill permits a bulk fill procedure in which a cavity up to 5mm is filled in a single increment and then cured.

SureFil® SDR® Flow

SureFil® SDR® Flow by Dentsply Caulk

Easy to use, self leveling SureFil SDR Flow from Dentsply Caulk is a posterior bulk fill flowable base that allows you to place posterior composites in 40% less time and provides long-lasting results.

Tetric EvoCeram® Bulk Fill

Tetric EvoCeram® Bulk Fill by Ivoclar Vivadent

Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill is an easily mouldable nano-hybrid composite suitable for the bulk filling technique. It allows a new level of efficiency to be achieved in posterior tooth restoration: one filling, one material, one increment.

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