A Career in Dentistry is the #1 Choice in 2015

Blog-1aCoupled with “above average work flexibility” and excellent compensation, the ability to care for patients’ overall health makes the career of a dentist the number one choice, according to U.S. News.

The dental industry is booming. Dentists’ ever-improving knowledge, technology, and techniques are in-demand to prevent systemic disease. In an article by Dentist Insider, Benjamin, DDS remarks: “I am really excited about dentistry’s ability to enhance a patient’s quality of life because we are able to see more than we ever have and much earlier than we ever could.” Advances in the dental industry allow dentists to maintain the total health of their patients at every age. Blog-1b

Not far behind dentists in job satisfaction are dental hygienists, ranked # 5 for job satisfaction by U.S. News. Preventative care is vital when it comes to systemic health – and hygienists provide the regular cleanings that make it possible. Talk about a rewarding career! And even though many hygienists work part time, they still earn comfortable salaries.

Dr. Cooper assures aspiring dentists: “Opportunities will find you – you won’t need to hunt them down.” Dental professionals can look forward being at the front lines of beautiful smiles and total health care for years to come. What do you find most fulfilling about your career in dental industry? Let us know in the comments!