Dental Facebook: 10 reasons to get social or get left behind.

If your dental practice is not active on Facebook, you are thumbing your nose at growth.

“My practice doesn’t need a Dental Facebook page. I’m online; I have a website.” Have you heard this? Have you said this? Before you reach the end of this email, you will discover why having a practice Facebook page is critical for sustainability and growth. By the end of the three-part series, you will be convinced that your next order of business is to ecstatically promote your practice Facebook page to anyone and everyone.

#1 Your dental practice website complements your Facebook page.
Websites are media minus the social. Facebook does what the static, non-engaging website cannot.

  • two-way communication in real-time
  • comments and sharing
  • public and private messaging
  • ability to easily upload photos and post content without an IT guy
  • useful apps that facilitate appointment setting

Most importantly, Facebook is a branding bonanza. Expose your name to more people than a practice website ever could. Plus Facebook rivals Google, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest in name recognition and usage. In fact, Facebook may be the only way to connect with some patients who don’t respond to emails, direct mail or calls.

#2 Go to them. Then bring them to you and back again over and over.
At last count, about 73 percent of online adults used social media sites regularly. [i] That is an incredible amount of people that can be reached using a single medium, especially with broad demographic and psychographic representation. Are you currently reaching 73% of any of your target audiences?

#3 Unmatched reach.

Facebook Infographic

The incredible reach of Facebook for Dental Offices.

#4 The lack of a Facebook presence can hurt your dental practice.
Your page truly has the power to influence buying behavior. Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision.[i] Additionally, some people may perceive your absence from the most popular social media platform in world means you shun innovation and are behind on current technology.

#5 Connecting is key.
Connect with current, lapsed and prospective patients where they feel comfortable. While your comfort zone is in the office; many of theirs is online. Facebook allows you to connect to patients as individuals. Connections lead to conversations and relationships—the most powerful reason to use Facebook for dental marketing. Post fun activities going on within the office, Accomplishments of office staff, Welcoming new team members, Alerts about new services or more.

#6 I can do anything better than you can; even Facebook.
Differentiate your practice by using Facebook to become popular. Create a persona of your practice, doctor(s) and staff; let your personalities shine. Be the page with the incredibly adorable kid flossing video or that-must-be-fake dental photo that becomes a viral sensation. Or at least a funny tooth joke or story that is interesting and sharable. The power is in your hands.

#7 They like me. They really, really like me.
Sure you want likes but success on Facebook is more about shares, comments and connections. What is shared and commented on are posts that resonate with people and can result in greater name awareness and referrals. Likes are not instantaneous. Likes should increase steadily as you regularly post content of interest to your audiences and respond promptly.

#8 Unlock a dental patient referral powerhouse.
Build on your connections, foster relationships and turn Facebook into a patient referral powerhouse. Although the potential is immense, success rests solely on how you manage your page. Consistent posting of engaging content and timely responses will influence to what degree your network grows and results in referrals. Have a cool patient welcome gift? Let your fans know.

#9 Make your page work for you.
Apps provided by the PracticeMojo Facebook Pro Solution facilitate engagement. Three popular apps for dental practices are Reviews, Promotions and Request an Appointment. With just a click on the respective button, visitors can see reviews of your practice, current promotions and send the office a request for an appointment. Plus, you receive weekly dental inspired Facebook post ideas.

#10 The hare is victorious on Facebook too.
Facebook dental marketing takes patience and persistence. Telling not selling is imperative. If too salesy, there is no reason for anyone to visit your page let alone like, comment or share. Most often the real value of Facebook takes time and surfaces through storytelling and sharing.

Facebook snobbery will get you nowhere, literally. No visibility or access to 3/4 of the adult population who use social media. You do the math. Can your practice afford not to be successful on Facebook? We’re here to help. Contact a dental marketing consultant today at 800.522.0800 or click here to get your Facebook page working for you.


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